Odette Peek presents...
Speaker & Story Masterclass
Owning Your Voice and 
Sharing Your Story
from Centre Stage!
Are you ready to step on Stage and Own your Story?
Have you been told you have a great story and should be on stage?

Do you have a message or a mission that you want to share with the world?

Do you want to be a Motivational Speaker?

Are you a heart-centred entrepreneur and want to step out in a bigger way in your business and make a bigger impact?

So What's Holding you Back?
Hi, I’m Odette and I still remember struggling to tell my story from the stage. 

I had been teaching business strategies to audiences for years…I could do that all day long.

But sharing my personal story was a whole other thing.

Once I got my talk written and gathered the courage to get out there and share it…everything changed!

Since then I have not only impacted thousands of audience members but have helped hundreds of speakers create their talk and get up on stage and share it. 
Don't take my word for it....
hear what my client's have to say!
"Odette gave me the most valuable gift ever -believing in my story and sharing it on stage. My second talk landed my first $1500 client!"

"I’ve never done an offer well. With Odette’s help, I received a standing ovation TWICE after trying out my new talk!" 

"Since working with Odette, I have applied for multiple speaking gigs and have been accepted to all of them!"

"Being able to get on stage to tell my story was something that I never thought that I would be able to do. It feels amazing!"

"This experience has given me confidence and new skill sets to promote myself and my business."

Now it's Your Turn!
I want to help you not only get on stage, but also tell the perfect, powerful and personal story that will get the audience engaged and buying from you.
Please join us at...
Speaker & Story Masterclass
Owning Your Voice and Sharing Your Story from Centre Stage
A 3-day intensive and transformational live event, walking away with your Soul Story Signature Talk written, practiced and polished.
October 16 - 18, 2019 | Toronto, ON
  Up to 20 people

You are going to create your talk, practice it in a safe space and get ready to own your voice from stage!
This is not your ordinary “sit and listen to speakers drone on all day” type of event. 

This will be an experience. 

Your story is very personal to you.

It is your unique as your DNA.

It can be super vulnerable to tell the world your life story - often we have traumas or dramas that we are afraid to share.

But it is very healing to you and to your audience.

Because of this, my event is more retreat style, with a hands-on , one-to-one approach. We will be using experiential exercises and guided visualization techniques so that you can deeply connect with your own story.
I have seen and heard so many speakers bore their audience, fire-hose with too much useless content and spend most of the talk bragging about how great they are.

When this happens, the audience walks away unfulfilled, frustrated and you can be sure they are not buying or recommending that event to their friends! 

It is an art and science to crafting a talk that has the right balance of inspiring stories, engaging content, a powerful message and a call to action that has audiences jumping out of their seat to get more of you.

If you are a heart-centred entrepreneur and using speaking as a means to grow your business, your offer needs to be authentic and real, not awkward or salesy. 
That takes skill and practice.

Above all else, you talk needs to move your audience into the transformational action that will help them overcome the challenges they face.

Done right, your story can create empathy, stir excitement, and motivate a room into action. It can give you instant credibility and create connection to the right people. 

And it can make you money!
Here's How These 3 Days Will Change Your Life.
Day 1 - Uncover. Clarify. Write. 
To share your message with the world you need to get crystal clear about your message to the world, the foundation of your soul story. 

You are going to do a deep-dive to identify your unique experiences (your soul story moments) that will become the framework for your talk. 

You will then follow a step-by-step strategy to write your story that ties together key elements for a powerful talk.

Day 2 - Practice. Share. Embrace.
In front of a supportive audience of your peers, you will have the safe space to be in front of the room and practice sharing your story and speaking from stage. 

I will provide one-on-one coaching to help you elevate your talk to a professional level so you own your talk and rock the stage.

You will get further training from me on how to delivery your talk, deepen your connection to the audience and learn how to read their energy of your audience. 

We have a special guest coming in to do an evening session that will sure to wake up your heart and open your soul connection (to self and others)!

Day 3 - Message. Mission. Money.
The last day is about polishing your talk and creating a plan for getting your story and mission out in the world. 

I will show you how to move your audience into inspired action (or to buy whatever you are selling). 

Finally, we will be covering marketing and strategy for getting on stages and creating a business around your soul story signature talk.

So if you want:
  • Help to uncover the message in your soul story that can change the world.
  • ​Confidence to get on stage. 
  • ​To learn how to write and deliver your soul story signature talk.
  • ​To start your own movement. 
  • ​To inspire others as a motivational speaker.
  • ​To build a heart-centred business using story-based marketing.
Then the Speaker & Story Masterclass is for you!
Odette's approach teaches you to speak authentically, own your truth and share from the heart - without ever feeling sales-y!
Odette just didn't teach me how to speak, she taught me how to share my soul story and connect with my audience on an emotional level.

I just did the math... with implementing what I have learnt puts my business coaching business over $400k for the year in revenue. Speaking is the way to go!  Unbelievable.

~ Laura-Jean Bernhardson,  Fresh Collective
Odette helped me to see that I do have a story, that someone needs to hear it and that it is worth telling. I have always struggled with believing that I have anything of value to share. 
Uncovering my soul story has given me the opportunity and the urge to get out there and share it with the world.   
It has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow immensely!  Before working with Odette, there is no way that I would have gotten up on a stage and shared my story with 200 people in a room.  I still can’t believe it, and it all started by simply being willing to tell my story and share it with the world, WOW!

~ Judith Tait, Business Coach and Mentor
This event should not be missed! It is an amazing opportunity to get comfortable speaking on stage. Odette’s exercises gradually get you feeling more comfortable as the days progress. 
The work you do to uncovering your story is invaluable and Odette is amazing at helping you to craft your compelling signature talk to attract even more people to you. 
I just shared my personal story for the 1st time with over 200 people on stage and had a rush of people talk to me afterwards to say thanks and how much it changed their life.

~ Karen Porter, Holistic Health & Return to Food Coach
Odette is an amazing coach! She did not settle for a “good enough” soul story. Odette helped me to keep peeling back the onion to find out who I really am and what I really want. 
At the end of the day, it was not just about helping me tell my soul story, it is about how she helped me to live my life to the fullest.

Being able to get on stage to tell my story was something that I never thought that I would be able to do. It feels amazing! This experience has given me confidence and new skill sets to promote myself and my business. 

~ Cindy Johnson, The Optimal Impact
Special Quickstart Bonus!

To jumpstart your soul story journey and make every moment count in this 3-day Masterclass, once you register, I am giving you free access to my comprehensive and popular Speak from the Soul Online Program! 

People pay $997 for this program... but you won't!

The program includes:
  • Seven Value-filled Modules covering all aspects of speaking including content, call-to-action and creating opportunities to get on stage.
  • Going Through the Ages, my proprietary exercise to uncover your soul stories.
  • Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex, thousands of events you could apply to speak at.
  • ​The Income Injector’s Guide, how easily speaking can make you money.
  • Applying for the Yes, a step-by-step guide to filling out speaker applications.
Up to 20 people
Dates: October 16-18, 2019
Day 1: 10:00 - 6:00 pm 
Day 2: 10:00 - 9:00 pm*
Day 3: 10:00 - 5:00 pm
(*Evening Session: dinner and a transformational sound healing and dance session!)
Location : OM Toronto Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre, 
North York, ON, Canada
Regular Price $1497
Early Bird Price until Sept 30th $997
Regular Price 2 x $770
Early Bird Price until Sept 30th 2 x $520
Seats fill up fast! We keep the seat quantity low so you get quality attention. Ticket is non-refundable past Sept 30th
Odette gets to the root of who you are. She can see past the barriers that are blocking you. 
Odette has helped me gain clarity on the direction that I want to go in my speaking career, helped me get past the noise in my head, and guided me on a path that feels so good. I now feel prepared, confident and excited about speaking on stages, building a community, and sharing my story. 
Since working with Odette, I have applied for multiple speaking gigs and have been accepted to all. Without Odette’s guidance, I would have stumbled on this speaking from stage journey. 

~ Justyna Jurczykowsa, Sharpen That Pencil
I had a booth at the women's show and I did two talks - just wanted to let you know people LOVED it and I got such great feedback! 
First time on stage was a bit nerve racking, but the second time around I had a lot more fun.
Your presentation workshop was the best investment I've ever made! So glad I did it with you! Everyone that owns a business should take your program! 

~ Michelle Hung, The Sassy Investor
It’s Working!! I wanted you to know I signed up my first 6 month coaching client and l will be signing up more with my 3-month option, all from a talk I gave for about 17 ladies.
I feel the momentum picking up. I feel really good and alive when I’m doing this work. I know I’m good at it. I no longer have to fight that “not good enough” thing. Now it’s about getting in front of more people.
If it weren’t for you - I wouldn’t have had that talk to give in the first place. So thank you.
~ Laura DiFranco, Brave Healer
Having had her own "Life Tipping Point”, Odette understands the Power of Story and how your story influences your business. This has helped me so much  
I’ve never done an offer well. With Odette’s help to create a compelling call to action, I received a standing ovation TWICE after trying out my new talk and a line up of people wanting to talk to me.   

~ Sue Ferreira, Wisdom to Wealth Mastery 
Ready to Step out on Stage
and Own Your Story?
We all have life experiences that have shaped who we are today.  We have survived them and that makes you an authority!

Sharing your personal story from stage (and that can mean online and videos too) is sharing your gifts and talents with the world. 
In this Masterclass, I help you look at all parts of your life to create a message, mission or movement that is unique to you.

And if you desire, you can build a business around your soul story.

Yes you can make money from your soul story!

When I left my 7-figure business behind after my spiritual crisis I thought that was it. But I realized that when I shared my unique skills and talents, as well as my soul story with the world, I attracted wealth.

I then realized being spiritual does not mean you have to be broke. It is not spiritual or success…it is spiritual and success!

Think of how Oprah took off after starting her talk show. 

Jay Shetty was a monk and is now one of the top influencers and speakers in the world.

You could be the next Oprah or Jay!!!

So, if you need help uncovering, writing, and delivering your soul story in a talk so you can inspire and move your audience into transformational action then the Speaker & Story Masterclass is the event you must be at!

Don’t forget the almost $10,000 worth of value of amazing bonuses!!! 
  • Speak from the Soul Online Program $1000
  • ​Million Dollar Speaking Gig Rolodex $5000
  • The Income Injector’s Guide $1000
  • Applying for the Yes $2500
Dates: October 16-18, 2019
Day 1: 10:00 - 6:00 pm 
Day 2: 10:00 - 9:00 pm*
Day 3: 10:00 - 5:00 pm
(*Evening Session: dinner and a transformational sound healing and dance session!)
Location : OM Toronto Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre, 
North York, ON, Canada
Regular Price $1497
Early Bird Price until Sept 30th $997
Regular Price 2 x $770
Early Bird Price until Sept 30th 2 x $520
Seats fill up fast! We keep the seat quantity low so you get quality attention. Ticket is non-refundable past Sept 30th
I always thought that the power of speaking was all about standing up in front of thousands presenting a keynote. 
Then I started selling $40,000 and more from the stage in six-minute gigs and I realized that when I am real and speak with passion and enthusiasm, I get noticed. 
Getting noticed is the gateway to EVERYTHING!  
Let’s face it; there are two hot commodities in this world that impact your ability to sell…time and attention. You have seconds to cut through the noise and capture your audience’s attention and “wow” them.
Most people spend those precious seconds babbling or being boring. And just like that, the moment is gone!
What if I could teach you how to get attention and HOLD it with your own, unique six-minute signature talk? 
Odette helped me find the core content and power of my message and organize it in a powerful emotional statement.

She definitely helped me to deliver a talk like no one else! 

Working with Odette gave me a major breakthrough in the fear I had of getting on a stage and being watched. My talk opened doors and created a level of confidence and proved to me, based on the outcome, that I had made the right choice to work with Odette.

~ Cristiano Alves, Light Beacon Coach
This has been an amazing experience. Odette taught me how to shift my talk to improve it even more. It was eye opening and helpful. 
Odette is completely knowledgeable and helps us come into our heart space and into ourselves and our passions and bring out unique self to our talks. 

And she makes it seem so easy. Thank you so much! 

~ Rosalyn Fung, Rosalyn Fung Coaching 
Odette taught me how to build and perfect my signature talk. This already has had a huge shift in my business.

I was immediately booked for four speaking engagements. I also have two new coaching clients, a direct result of implementing the things that were taught in the program.
Thank you Odette!

~ Tracey D'Aviero, Your VA Mentor 

Details of the Program:
•There are 7 training modules in Speak from the Soul and Sell in Six Minutes or Less Program

•This is an online program so you can learn from the comfort of your own home

•There will be action sheets for each module so you come prepared with your own personalized info needed for your own talk (no cookie cutter stuff here) 

•A Facbook forum to meet, interact and get 1:1 feedback from me, my team and fellow program alumi

•All Sales Are Final, No Refund as you gain instant access to proprietary information.  

In this Masterclass you will:
  • Uncover what your soul story is
  • ​Discover which parts of your soul story moments will be used for your talk
  • Create your content - taking people from point A (pain point) to point B (solution)
  • ​Create your Call-To-Action - what offer (free or paid) to make that is appropriate for each audience
  • ​Learn how to deliver a talk that is fun, engaging, interesting and has the audience eating out of the palm of your hand 
  • ​How to get the lucrative gigs to find your ideal clients
So if you…
  • Want to speak, but don’t know what to say and how to say it 
  • ​Haven’t been able to convert audiences after being on stage
  • Need clarity in your messaging
  • ​Want to polish your speaking
  • ​And, struggle with feeling “salesy” when adding your call to action 

Then this Speaker & Story Masterclass is for you!
Meet Your Host...

Hi, I’m Odette Peek. 

After building a seven-figure business, Odette Peek suffered a personal crisis that risked it all. By getting on stage and sharing her story, she regained her momentum and created massive success. 

She shares this expertise to help entrepreneurs become speakers and build high-impact, lucrative businesses. 

Odette has spoken on hundreds of stages, including TEDx, as well as been a guest on popular podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and television shows like NBC’s Real Talk

If you want to do a TEDx talk or be on national television, 
learn from someone who has done it! 

Grab your seat now. 
Up to 20 People Only!!!!
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