Awaken Your Soul
Transformational Retreat in Costa Rica
June 27 - July 3, 2020

Wellness + Soul Transformation + Aligned Business

Join us for a magical week in Costa Rica for a life-changing, soul aligning experience that will put the heart back into your life and business.

Pssst, beautiful soul - are you feeling that tug? 

A gentle pull…
A yearning…

It’s Spirit tapping on your shoulder.

It’s telling you something is still missing in your life.

It’s time to listen.

Yes, you’re running a mission-driven business. 
Yes, you’ve ticked a lot of boxes.
Yes, you’ve done a lot of work on yourself.

But there is a deep knowing in you that there is still more to be found.

What you truly want is this:

  • You want to feel the weight of your burdens lifting, the ones that keep creeping in and you can’t get rid of - no matter how hard you try.
  • You want to let go of your mental chatter, worry, anxiety, or depression - and then watch the magic unfold, feeling connected to yourself, your truest desires, and the Universe so you can trust and surrender to a joyous life!
  • You want to let go of the grind and hustle and fall in love with your business again, feeling aligned to your mission, and working with the people you really want to serve.
  • ​You want to show up in the world in a bigger, brighter, more productive way, owning and sharing your soul story, while being in flow and showered in abundance just for who you are.

Let us take you on a Journey….

Imagine yourself in the beautiful and lush Costa Rican Jungle, the Pacific Ocean by your side, fully immersed in nature, doing deep soul work in a sacred space with like-minded entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey as you. 

Here’s what you can expect...

Are you Ready?

Unplugging and Getting Away into Nature
You’re dedicating a week to yourself with a radical change in scenery, and the opportunity to disconnect from your existing environment, your business, relationships etc. so you can truly open your senses, find stillness and gratitude, as well as beauty and abundance in nature and connect back to yourself.
Time to Recharge with Nourishment for Body and Soul
You’re fully taken care of in an all-inclusive beautiful retreat center without needing to worry about anything. Your body can rest or recharge with gentle movement and will be nourished with delicious and healthy farm to table food from the garden right outside your window.
Heart-Opening Soul Journey with Ceremony & Plant Medicine
Our program will include sacred ceremonies to help us drop from our head to our heart. Rooted in Mother Earth's four elements, we will play and explore our deepest selves and experience how fire, water, air, and earth can help us find our inner truth and healing. 
Business Deep Dive and Strategic Alignment
It’s time for a vibrational upgrade for your business! Together we will take a close look at your existing business, and what needs to change for it to spark joy again. Whether it’s refreshing your business model, realigning your mission, creating a new path towards your spiritually aligned clients (or all of the above!), you will have absolute clarity on the realignment path, an action plan to implement, and a renewed sense of excitement for your business.
Rewriting your Soul Story
Your soul story is the centre of who you are, your inner sense of meaning, and the heart and soul of your business. When we do deep soul work, our stories might change, or we might discover a new truth about ourselves that wants to be told. By deeply feeling into the core of who you truly are, and rewriting your soul story, we are essentially giving your heart the words it has been longing to speak, and in return you can harness its power to create the change you want to see in the world.  
Growth and Guidance in an Intimate Setting
With an experienced coach, holistic healer and an intimate group of people holding space for you and your transformation, you will not only feel safe, seen and supported, but also receive the necessary guidance so you can integrate your healing and growth into your life as you prepare your journey home. 

You will be guided by...

Retreat Leader 
Odette Peek 

7-figure entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, storyteller, and success catalyst for women who are done feeling like they’re never enough and want to start putting the joy and soul back into their business.

Holistic Healing Practitioner 
Tish Steenkamp

Holistic healing practitioner, creative alchemist and soul entrepreneur who will be our guide in holding space for anyone wanting to heal through the power of ancient healing practices and plant medicine.

This is for you if...

  • You have a mission-driven business or career but are still feeling like something is missing
  • ​You are stuck or lost - whether it be fear, unfulfilling clients, constant anxiety, poor relationships, perfectionism and low self-worth, hitting your money blocks or just a general sense of suffering
  • ​You know you need to reconnect to your heart and soul to truly uncover, rewrite, and own your soul story
  • ​You are looking for spiritual growth, healing and deep transformation 
  • ​You are open-minded, devoted to growth as well as willing to witness and contribute to others transformation in a safe space 

Just Imagine...

  • Being fully expressed in your heart and soul as your creative, sensitive, spiritual self, feeling like there is absolutely no part in you that you have to hide from the world
  • ​Fully trusting and surrendering to your abundance, knowing you are going to be paid more money as you align to your true calling
  • ​Waking up each day, jumping out of bed, finally excited about your business again
  • ​Working with clients that feel 100% aligned to you - ones where you can show up as your true self and connect on a soul level (like a friend!)
  • ​And above all, finally giving yourself permission to be your divine self knowing you are worthy, valuable, and loved. 
Because you are whole and complete as you are!

Your personal invitation from Odette...

Read more about Odette’s Story...

Hi, I’m Odette. 

When I first started my full-time coaching business in 2010, everything fell apart. My relationship ended, both my parents passed away within two months of each other and I woke up one morning and could not move my arms or hands. I had a complete spiritual breakdown. Despite the crushing circumstances, I had no other choice but to start building my business anyway. 

And I was GOOD at it. I built a multiple six-figure business in 18 months.

Then, two years ago, I had a 3 day business event with 18 people and dead set on beating my recent personal sales record AGAIN. 

I made a whopping $250k in revenue straight from that one event!

My whole life I had believed in this idea that once I had a big house, husband, kids, as well as that 7-figure business, I’d finally feel good about myself. 

Now I had ticked the final box. But my elation was short lived. I went into a deep shame and guilt spiral after all while hearing comments like: “Odette, I wish I could do that!” or “You must be so happy!” 

What I was really feeling was: “What is wrong with me!? Why am I not feeling happy and excited about this?”

But my success left me feeling emptier than ever before. 

After years of investing in expensive coaches, 100’s of programs, reading books, putting crystals on my third eye chakra… (you name it, I did it!) NOTHING had gone to the root of it.

So by 2019, I was so desperate I would have tried ANYTHING

When a client of mine invited me to a retreat in Costa Rica that was pretty “out there” I said yes on a whim. It included plant medicine and ancient healing methods (that I’d never heard of before!). But somehow I felt the pull, and a week later I was there.

It didn’t take long until I could finally surrender to what the universe had in store for me. It was my day of reckoning: The healing I was longing for was not going to come from my business, more clients or more money. 

It had to come from me. 

I let go of all expectations, saw my ego dissolve in front of my eyes, and released all the stories I had been telling myself throughout my life.  

I cracked open. 

And my soul finally came home to me. 

For the first time in my life I felt whole and complete.  

And that’s what I want for you too.


Where you will be Staying...

Welcome to paradise! You are staying at the award-winning boutique retreat center Costa Rica Yoga Spa located on the mountain of a private ranch in Nosara, Guanacaste on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica - 360 degree breathtaking views of the Ostional National Wildlife Park and the Pacific Ocean included.


  • Healthy organic, vegan / vegetarian meals prepared by a private chef with most of the ingredients sourced from its own permaculture garden
  • ​An open-air yoga studio / ceremony space with sweeping views of the valley and a beautiful onsite pool 
  • ​Hiking trails and a delightful dipping pool overlooking the ocean and jungle canopy, and plenty of hammocks for down time 
  • ​In-house Spa services as well as adventure activities nearby (ziplining, standup-paddle boarding, surf lessons, horseback riding etc.) available upon request

Watch More Here!

Where you will be Sleeping...

You have a choice between a private suite or a shared room. All suites have private bathrooms, air conditioning, ceiling fans and open onto a spacious teak balcony with spectacular views. Shared rooms have shared bathrooms and a sunset view! 

(We will confirm your room choices with you once your application has been received)

Other Features:

  • Organic Vegetarian Breakfast
  • ​Tropical Designs
  • ​Custom Artwork
  • ​Quality Linens and Mattresses
  • ​Solar Hot Water
  • ​Sustainable Energy
  • ​Organic Biodegradable Shower Products
  • ​Rocking Chairs on Balcony
  • ​WiFi (when available)

To Recap... Here’s what’s Included:

  • A 7 day, 6 night all-inclusive stay at Costa Rica Yoga Spa 
  • ​Transportation to and from the airport (airfare excluded)
  • ​3 delicious nourishing organic meals a day with many ingredients sources from the local garden (except one night you’ll dine locally on your own)
  • ​All ceremonies, movement classes and restorative yoga 
  • ​Business Deep Dive and Strategic Alignment
  • ​Private 1:1 group and on the spot coaching with Odette Peek
  • ​Pre and post support: Prep and integration group call 

What a Day Could Look Like...

What a Day Could 
Look Like... 

Are you Ready to 
Awaken your Soul 
in Costa Rica?

Ready to Awaken 
your Soul 
in Costa Rica?

As we will be a small intimate group, we use an application process to make sure the retreat is a good fit for every participant, including you. Once your application has been received, we’ll be in touch within 2-3 business days.

What others Say about Working with Odette 

Before working with Odette I was struggling to reposition my business that was in deeper alignment with my soul. I had a thriving practice but I wasn’t. With Odette’s guidance we transformed my business model, allowing me to let go of what was not serving me, so I could show up in a bigger way for my clients, my family and my future! I own who I am now!
~ Rosalyn Fung, Rosalyn Fung Coaching

I have always struggled with believing that I have anything of value to share, despite having a flourishing career as a police officer of 22 years and owning a 6-figure side hustle. Odette uncovered what was keeping me in the constant loop of feeling stuck and disconnected with myself and my work, to building a life coaching business that satisfies my soul purpose. It has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow immensely! 
~ Judith Tait, Business Coach and Mentor

Odette helped me to keep peeling back the onion to find out who I really am and what I really want. 
At the end of the day, it was not just about helping me go from corporate work to multiple six-figures in my first 8 months with my new business, it is about how she helped me to live my life to the fullest.
~ Cindy Johnson, The Optimal Impact

I feel really good and alive when I’m doing this work. I know I’m good at it. I no longer have to fight that “not good enough” thing. Now it’s about getting in front of more people. If it weren’t for you - I wouldn’t have had the courage to explore the deeper side of myself and my business wouldn’t be thriving. So thank you.
~ Laura DiFranco, Brave Healer

Odette gets to the root of who you are. She can see past the barriers that are blocking you. 
Odette has helped me gain clarity on the direction that I want to go in my business, helped me get past the noise in my head, and guided me on a path that feels so good. 
~ Justyna Jurczykowsa, Sharpen That Pencil

Are you Ready to Awaken your Soul with Us?

One last note… this is NOT for you if:

  • You aren't committed to investing time, energy or money into your personal or business/career growth
  • You are looking for quick fixes and aren’t ready to get out of your comfort zone to do some deep soul work and healing 
  • ​You are still stuck in victim mode - you must be willing to look at your reality with honesty, have willingness to change and an openness to try new things

But we’re pretty sure that does not apply to you! 

So are you ready, or what?

Can’t wait to see you in paradise!

Love Odette XO

Frequently Asked Questions

What airport do I fly into?
Fly into Liberia airport. 

How safe is travelling to Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is a popular holiday destination in Central America and is considered safe to travel, including solo travellers. Your transport to and from the airport is included anyway, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about! 

I have special dietary requirements. 
Costa Rica Yoga Spa caters vegan and vegetarian meals with gluten-free options, mostly sourced from its own permaculture garden. Please let us know any special dietary requirements during the application process.

Who else is taking part in the program?
We will be a small and curated group of like-minded, soul alignment seekers. Connecting and witnessing each other’s growth is an important aspect of the experience and we hope that friendships will be formed beyond the duration of the event.

Do I have to have any yoga experience?
No - absolutely not! All ages and fitness levels are welcome. All our movement classes and yoga are optional (hint hint: Odette doesn’t like yoga but loves movement!)

Will I have any free time?
Yes, plenty! Our retreat is designed to give you ample time to rest and recharge - the goal is not for you to need another holiday after the retreat. 

What can I do in my free time?
Nosara has so much beauty to discover. Go hiking in the lush green jungles, dip your toes in the water down by the beach or just soak up some sun at the end of a day (Costa Rica is known for breathtaking sunsets). There are also spa treatments available upon request and plenty of other adventurous activities like kayaking, ziplining if that’s your cup of tea (available upon request).

Is there WIFI access? Can I work from there?
Yes, there is wifi access at the retreat center. As VIP (very important people!), we know you’ll have to be there for your family, clients or business at times, but we’d love for you to unplug as much as possible. The more time and space you have, the more you will get out of our time together.

What if I change my mind and can’t come?
Please make sure the dates work with you as there are no-refunds 90 days before retreat. Double-triple check your calendar. 

Is airfare included?
Everything but the airfare is included. The event is all-inclusive but you have to organize your own flights. However, we will organize your pick up from the airport so you can arrive stress-free!

Why plant medicine and ceremonies?
Plant medicine and sacred ceremonies are ancient healing methods providing us with a whole new level of experiencing transformation beyond our normal mind. It enables a glimpse inside your soul and deep connection to your heart, feeling the sacred love and care of the universe at the core of our being. Plant medicine also offers an energetic clearing that is almost impossible to achieve at our normal state of consciousness. We offer a gentle and mild version experience, perfect for someone who has not experimented with altered states of consciousness. Please note: the plant medicine is not ayahuasca. 

I have another question.
No problem! Just email my team at and we’ll help you with any further questions.